Streamline your
life cycle assessment.

Operational efficiency. From reporting and compliance, to supply chain resiliency and informed procurement, LCA is quickly becoming a key source of competitive advantage.

We combine cutting-edge technology, like large language models and cloud-enabled automations, with a best-in-class interface to produce quality LCAs faster than ever.

CarbonGraph LCA
  • Build In Minutes

  • Modular & Scalable

  • Cloud-Based & Collaborative

  • Designed for Business

  • Intuitive UI

  • Automated Reporting

  • ... And Much More

Legacy LCA
  • Takes Months to Years

  • Unscalable

  • Desktop-Based

  • Few-Operational Insights

  • Excel-based modelling

  • Expensive Reports

With CarbonGraph spend less time wrangling data and more time gaining product insights, collaborating with your supply chain, and driving tangible ROI.

We offer an end-to-end life cycle assessment solution.

Build an initial LCA in minutes. Incorporate primary business and supplier data. Create linked reports automatically. Iterate and improve.

Model Your Supply Chain

Seamlessly map and visualize every intricate detail of your value chain with our user-friendly interface.

Access Reference LCA Data

Access comprehensive, industry-leading LCA datasets to complement your own primary product data.

Understand Impact Hotspots

Effortlessly calculate, visualize, and build intuition of the environmental impacts of your products.

Report Results

Seamlessly share sustainability findings with suite of reporting features, dynamically linked for every LCA.

Manage Impacts & Iterate

Understanding your baseline impact is only the first step. Connect with suppliers, improve your models, and advance your sustainability initiatives.

Track Performance

Show progess towards sustainability goals and compliance by tracking and versioning your LCAs over time.

CarbonGraph In Action

Top global manufacturers have already streamlined their product-level LCA development using CarbonGraph. See it for yourself.

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