Seamlessly calculate, report, and reduce your product carbon footprints.

Are you looking for an effective way to accelerate and manage your emissions goals?

Our innovative carbon management software is customized to help businesses like yours track and reduce emissions with product-level insights. Our automated and accurate measurement drives effective action.

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With CarbonGraph, you can construct product carbon footprints that meet international standards including ISO 14067, EU PEFCRs, and the GHG Protocol. Reliable and accurate footprints give you and your stakeholders the information needed to make informed decisions.

Our software features a robust database of reference carbon footprints, provided directly by suppliers and third parties. This data is easily accessible by all users, helping you quickly map the carbon footprint of your supply chain.

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We offer end-to-end carbon footprinting solutions.

Whether you're an experienced executive or a brand-new analyst, our intuitive and cutting-edge software makes measuring your carbon footprint easier than ever before.

Map Supply Chain

Our user-friendly interface simplifies the process of mapping the steps and suppliers involved in your value chain.

Collect Data

Gain insight into the emissions intensity of activities and products within your supply chain with our industry-leading LCA dataset.

Calculate Impacts

Effortlessly calculate the carbon footprint per unit of your products with our graph-based UI.

Report Results

Share sustainability achievements with our footprint embeds and dashboards, providing you with a seamless way to meet your reporting requirements.

Manage Emissions

Understanding your carbon footprint is just the first step toward sustainability. We help you reduce your emissions and advance your carbon disclosure initiatives.

Track Performance

Achieve your climate goals and maintain regulatory compliance by monitoring and tracking your carbon footprint over time with our comprehensive tools.

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