Better Data Drives A
Brighter Future

With a cutting edge interface and AI integrations, CarbonGraph let's you model product-level LCAs like never before.

Data that turbocharges your business, from improved supply chain resiliency, to informed procurement, design, and marketing.

The CarbonGraph Advantage

We combine cutting-edge technology, like large language models and cloud-enabled automations, with a best-in-class interface to produce quality LCAs faster than ever.


Initial LCA In Minutes

Designed for Business

Powerful Compute

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Built-In Reference Data

Modular & Scalable

Intuitive Interface

Data System Integrations

Automated Reporting

...And Much More

Legacy LCA

Can take Months to Years

No Incremental Insights

Desktop-based Software

Reliant on Excel

Models are not Reusable

Integration Challenges

Scaling Challenges

Collaboration Challenges

No Reporting Integrations

With CarbonGraph, you spend time on what counts: gaining actionable insights, collaborating with partners, and driving positive change.

CarbonGraph is an
End-to-End LCA Solution

Build an initial LCA in minutes. Incorporate primary data. Connect with suppliers. Create linked reports automatically. Iterate and improve.

How It Works

Model Your Supply Chain

Seamlessly map and visualize every intricate detail of your value chain with our user-friendly interface.

Access Reference LCA Datasets

Access comprehensive, industry-leading LCA datasets to complement your own primary product data.

Understand Impact Hotspots

Effortlessly calculate, visualize, and build intuition of the environmental impacts of your products.

Report Results

Seamlessly share sustainability findings with suite of reporting features, dynamically linked for every LCA model.

Manage Impacts and Iterate

Understanding your baseline impact is only the first step. Connect with suppliers, improve your models, and advance your sustainability initiatives.

Track Performance

Show progess towards sustainability goals and compliance by tracking and versioning your LCAs over time.

CarbonGraph At Work

Top global manufacturers are already using CarbonGraph to streamline creation of product-level
LCAs that shed light on the impacts of their business. See it for yourself.

See CarbonGraph In Action

Join the community of practitioners on CarbonGraph who are changing how business does LCA.

The CarbonGraph team is always available to discuss how we can customize LCA solutions for your specific business needs. We'd love to hear from you!

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