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CarbonGraph lets companies share the carbon footprint of the products they sell in a standard way, allowing integration of multiple data sources & verification of data provided by third parties as well as supply chain partners to produce ISO 14067 & GHG Protocol compliant lifecycle carbon footprints.

We provide a database with product carbon footprints direct from suppliers, for companies, consumers, & investors. Our data gives companies the ability to determine which partners will reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain.

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How we help calculate your carbon footprint

Map your supply chain

We help you map out all the elements involved in creating your products (e.g. raw materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, shipping etc.). We have a robust database of supply chain templates that helps to make this step quick and easy so that you don’t have to waste time sending data requests to stakeholders across your organisation.

Connect with Suppliers

The best way to get a precise product carbon footprint is to have your suppliers provide input on their own supply chains. CarbonGraph is able to provide you the carbon information you need while keeping their supply chain information proprietary. Have you had trouble requesting this information from suppliers in the past? No worries! Our supplier communication process has exceptional results.

Match Emissions Data

Once we understand more about your operations, we can then match emissions data to each element of your supply chain. Our carbon database is robust, meaning that we can make your carbon footprint as specific as possible. For example, if you have invested in using solar panels to power your factories, we can make sure that is reflected in your carbon footprint!