We help measure, manage, and share product carbon footprints.

We give you the necessary tools, including detailed calculations and forecasts, to take ownership of your carbon footprint and enhance the credibility of your brand.

Our innovative technology helps identify emissions hotspots and opportunities for sustainable practices across your value chain, helping you reach your targets and reporting requirements.

Share CarbonGraph with your network to empower businesses to make informed decisions and drive a sustainable future.

What is a lifecycle Product Carbon Footprint?

It is a number representing the emissions generated throughout a product's life.

Example Product Carbon Footprint

Product carbon footprints enable environmental impact comparisons between products. This is valid as long as similar boundary limits & methodology were applied across studies.

How are Product Carbon Footprints calculated?

CarbonGraph supports you at every step of the carbon footprinting journey.


Define Your Business Goals

Whether it's reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, or achieving carbon neutrality, having well-defined goals will guide your carbon footprinting process and overall sustainability strategy.


Map Your Supply Chain

We help you easily map out every element involved in your product creation process, from raw materials through distribution and use. With our robust LCA datasets and AI-driven intelligent templates, you can quickly and efficiently complete this step without the need for extensive data requests across your organization.

Map Your Supply Chain


Access Reference Data

Gain access to our extensive reference data and carbon databases, which contain valuable information on the impacts of common materials, processes, and industries. Our comprehensive dataset allows you to make informed decisions about your own supply chain.

Access Reference Data


Connect With Suppliers

CarbonGraph offers an efficient way to obtain accurate product-level data by directly involving your suppliers in the footprinting process. Our software allows your suppliers to share product impact data while keeping their operational details confidential. This streamlined communication process with suppliers ensures you capture primary supply chain data, saving you time and effort while also improving accuracy.

Connect With Suppliers


Calculate Your Footprint

After better understanding your operations, we can calculate emissions data to each element of your supply chain for a precise carbon footprint analysis. Our carbon database is comprehensive and allows us to provide highly specific carbon footprint information. Whether it's an investment in renewable energy, such as solar panels powering your factories or any other sustainability initiatives, we make sure to account for them in your carbon footprint analysis.

Calculate Your Footprint