Life cycle assessment is the language of sustainability.

LCA enables industry, government, and consumers to evaluate the entire impact of production. It allows leaders to make informed decisions and find competitive advantage in often overlooked portions of the value chain.

life cycle assessment is an essential

CarbonGraph understands the essential role which LCA will play in enabling 'triple-bottom-line' thinking and navigation of global sustainability challenges.

What is a product
life cycle assessment?

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the environmental impacts associated with a product throughout its entire life cycle. A life cycle typically includes several stages:

At each stage impacts are quantified, such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and the release of pollutants. Product LCAs are increasingly used by businesses to make informed decisions about procurement, product design, manufacturing, and logistics.

How do you build an LCA
for your product?

The CarbonGraph platform has features for every step of the life cycle assessment journey.

Generate LCAs automatically from a bill of materials or start from scratch. Edit and maintain the models with our intuitive graphical interface. Share results with our dynamically linked embeds and environmental reports.

Graph view

Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Graph View

Shareable LCA Embed for
Global Warming Impact

What are the steps in LCA?

With CarbonGraph, building a product life cycle asssessment is easier and faster than ever before.

Define Your Business Goals

Outline your business objectives, from minimizing climate change management to product differentiation.

Clear goals are your LCA's guiding principles.

Map Your Supply Chain

Effortlessly chart your product's entire lifecycle, from raw materials all the way through to end of life.

Our AI-powered automations and templates streamline the process.

Access Reference Data

Explore our vast LCA databases, offering insights into material, process, and industry impacts.

Fill data gaps. Understand how your products compare.

Connect With Suppliers

Engage suppliers in the LCA process and upgrade from reference data to real primary data.

Direct linking with stakeholder LCAs in CarbonGraph improves accuracy for all.

Impact Assessment + Iteration

Conduct impact assessment for your supply chain throughout the LCA process.

Rapid iteration helps you identify which areas in the model need more attention.

Share Your Results

Generate LCA embeds & environmental report for every CarbonGraph model.

Share model findings, assumptions, and methodology directly with stakeholders.

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