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CarbonGraph is an innovative solution for those looking to own their carbon footprint.

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Why Choose CarbonGraph?

Whether you're a seasoned executive or a brand new sustainability analyst, our intuitive software will lead to impactful results.


Collect and share product carbon data that differentiates you & effectively communicates your sustainability initiatives.

Align with sustainability standards and initiatives, including:


A CarbonGraph subscription offers end-to-end solutions for any user and supplier collaboration at no additional cost.

A CarbonGraph license includes:

  • Intuitive LCA Software
  • Customer Support
Measure scope 1-3

Go beyond generic carbon benchmark data and measure the complete carbon footprint of your products, including all scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Using the GHG protocol, our proprietary models, and a best-in-class interface for gathering primary supplier data, you get accurate and comprehensive insights into the impacts of your products.

Why do product carbon footprints matter?

Product carbon footprints help us understand the impacts of the things we buy and use.

Product Differentiation
  • Eliminate greenwashing
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Communicate your environmental performance
  • Attract environmentally conscious customers, investors, & employees
Climate Change Management
  • Understand your contributions to climate change
  • Identify opportunities for reducing emissions and expanding into new markets
  • Recognize and manage reputational, regulatory, and supply chain risks
  • Carbon tax planning (ie. EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism)
Performance Tracking
  • Measure and report emissions performance
  • Construct emissions reduction roadmaps
  • Set targets and track over time
  • Achieve sustainability goals

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Accelerate the world's transition to carbon neutrality by transparently, accurately, and accessibly measuring and communicating the environmental impacts of companies' products.

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