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Life Cycle Assessment

Accurate, Compliant, Actionable.

CarbonGraph is an innovative life cycle assessment platform that automatically transforms product-level data into sustainable competitive advantage.

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Why choose CarbonGraph?

Whether you're a seasoned executive or new to sustainability, our intuitive LCA software will reveal deep life cycle insights about your products.


Primary data can be sourced from your data management systems or by linking directly with Stakeholder LCA models.

With access to industry's most robust LCA databases you can accurately model even the most complex products.


CarbonGraph stays at the cutting edge of LCA, Climate, & Technology providing real time insights, at the speed of business

Tune models, create product variants, conduct sensitivity analysis & eco-design in seconds.


Product-level LCAs are more than compliance.

When you know your products deeply, you can target hotspots, fortify supply chains, and reduce costly offset bills.

Scopes 1-3, Built In

Distribute the effort to quantify entire product life cycles by directly integrating with Stakeholder LCA models.

Focus on modelling the production steps which are well-known to your business, collaborate directly with your suppliers and customers to model the rest.

Framework Agnostic

Align with sustainability standards and initiatives, including:

Automated Product Reports

Generate comprehensive product environmental reports automatically and streamline your sustainability reporting.

Transparently share LCA results along with modelling assumptions, boundary limits, and data limitiations. All without exposing confidential model details.

Why does Product Life Cycle thinking matter?

Product life cycle assessment helps us understand the impacts of the things we buy and use.

Product Differentiation
  • Communicate environmental performance with B2B buyers
  • Eliminate greenwashing
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Attract environmentally conscious customers, investors, & employees
Climate Change Management
  • Understand your contributions to climate change
  • Identify opportunities for reducing emissions and expanding into new markets
  • Recognize and manage reputational, regulatory, and supply chain risks
  • Carbon tax planning (ie. EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism)
Operational Efficiency
  • Target hotspots with insetting
  • Reduce your offset bill
  • Prepare for regulatory and tax burdens (ie. CBAM, SB 253, SEC Disclosure etc.)
  • Optimize your energy consumption