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Bring your carbon accounting goals into focus with our revolutionary approach to LCA data.
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We offer end-to-end carbon footprinting solutions.

We believe that whether you're a seasoned executive decision-maker or a brand new analyst, using intuitive & beautiful software leads to powerful results.

Map Supply Chain

Our intuitive UI helps easily map the steps and suppliers throughout your value chain.

Collect Data

Access the emissions intensity of activities and products in your supply chain with our industry leading LCA dataset.

Calculate Impacts

Dynamically link and calculate the carbon footprint per unit of your products.

Report Results

Footprint embeds and dashboards can be shared directly to fulfill your sustainability reporting needs.

Manage Emissions

Knowing your carbon footprint is just the beginning. We also help you reduce emissions and further your carbon disclosure projects.

Track Performance

Monitor and track your carbon footprint over time to achieve climate goals and regulatory compliance.

Why do product carbon footprints matter?

Product carbon footprints help us understand the impacts of the things we buy and use.

Product Differentiation
  • Cut through greenwashing
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Communicate your environmental performance
  • Attract environmentally conscious customers, investors, & employees
Climate Change Management
  • Understand your contributions to climate change
  • Identify emission reduction opportunities
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Understand and manage reputational, regulatory, and supply chain risks
  • Carbon tax planning
Performance Tracking
  • Measure and Report Emissions Performance
  • Construct emissions reduction roadmaps
  • Set targets & track over time
  • Achieve sustainability goals