Hello From California!

We are incredibly excited to announce that CarbonGraph was accepted into the internationally recognized Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator program in Silicon Valley, organized by the University of California, Berkeley. It has a 1.5% acceptance rate! Nick and I have been working out of the Berkeley Campus for the month of May and will be back again in August and September.

What’s in a SkyDeck?

We’ve been receiving world-class guidance from the SkyDeck advisor network and building connections with Bay Area customers and investors. More exciting news on the investor connections shortly – stay tuned!

We’ve also expanded our relationships with some key customers and are finding the right connections in industry. Where we have sometimes thought we might be early to market, we are now feeling the full force of several factors that have accelerated demand for product-level carbon footprinting.

Exciting opportunities include new connections into sustainability-focused companies from the farm level, through to grocery chains & leading edge AgTech firms. With our partners, we are iteratively building out our backend technologies with an obsessive focus on user-experience and surfacing the hardest to find scope 3 data as intuitively as possible. We are leveraging our Large Language Model (LLM) pipeline to present the best data to our users and building out our investor network to support our growth. With every new partner, we are finding more value to add while tackling the GHG challenge.

For a look at some of our new partner-driven features, have a look at this recent update from our product team.


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